Fic: "Indulgence" (BBC!Sherlock, gen, PG)

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Title: "Indulgence"
Author: mashfanficchick
Fandom: Sherlock
Wordcount: ~500
Rating: PG
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, mentions of John Watson
Pairing(s): None
Genre: Character Study
Warning(s): none
Contains: asexual!Sherlock, sartorial decadence, semi-self-aware!Sherlock
Beta(s): The ever-lovely and patient dawnebeth
Prompt(s): For the "Orgies/Decadence" square on my Kink Bingo card.
Notes: Thanks to the Wardrobe section of the "Sherlockology" website; I couldn't have written this fic without you.
Disclaimer: Not mine. I couldn't afford him!
Summary: Sexual decadence isn't the only kind.

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Looking for a beta (yes, again!)

Hello, all! Once again, I'm looking for a beta, but not for anything big this time: I'd just like someone willing to look over various short fills I'm doing for my new Kink Bingo card. (Note to my Asexy friends: it's an Ace-friendly card, so most--if not all--of the fills will be Ace-friendly.) Fandoms are most likely going to be a whole lot of Sherlock with possibly some other stuff tossed in, but that shouldn't be a major thing; I'm really looking for more of a technical/proof-reader beta than anything else at the moment.

Anyway, let me know, here or at Thanks to anyone who offers to help!

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30 Days OTP Challenge

30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 3

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Title: Day 3: Dancing (#20)
Author: mashfanficchick
Fandom: Torchwood
Wordcount: 225
Rating: PG-13
Characters: Captain Jack Harkness, Captain Jack Harkness
Pairing(s): Captain Jack Harkness/Captain Jack Harkness
Genre: Character Study, Sad, Challenge
Warning(s): (highlight to reveal) Spoilers of a sort for (highlight to read) Torchwood 1x12, "Captain Jack Harkness". Also, unbetaed.
Beta(s): None (sorry)
Prompt(s): "Dancing" (Prompt #20 from the 30 Day OTP Challenge)
Notes, pt. 1: From the "30 Day OTP Challenge": #20, "Dancing", as decided by the Roll Dice Online random number generator
Notes, pt. 2: As far as I can recall, my first Torchwood fic. Please, please, please let me know of any mistakes/inaccuracies you find herein. Also, how does one normally differentiate between the two Captain Jack Harknesses (Captains Jack Harkness)?
Feedback: Always welcome, either on LJ (at the post or by PM) or at
Disclaimer: Not mine.
Summary: He could have missed the pain, but he'd have had to miss the dance.


After a lifetime like the one he’s lived--and that’s only so far, he reminds himself--Jack Harkness figures that anyone would have regrets. And regrets he has. Chances taken and not taken, lovers...well, taken and not taken. Often, the good times outweigh the bad; occasionally, the bad outweigh the good. The propensity for that, of course, goes up with the level of involvement; simple shags are great, but’s too easy sometimes to fall in love, to forget for the moment or moments that any serious affair is sure to end in heartbreak. Which isn’t to say that even a short-term romance can’t end badly; many had, and, Jack is sure, many more will. More regrets.

But, of all the love affairs Jack Harkness has ever had, the one he will never, ever regret is the night he spent--and not even in the usual way--with the man whose name he would take. Though many songs remind him of that night--all bluesy, jazzy tunes--the one that leaves him dancing alone, a phantom lover in his arms, is a ballad by a man named Garth Brooks. The words are all wrong—he knew everything, of course he did—but the last line of the chorus speaks to him anyway, as he steps around the room.

I could have missed the pain, but I'd have had to miss the dance.

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30 Days OTP Challenge

30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 2

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Title: Day 2: Gaming/watching a movie (#3)
Author: mashfanficchick
Fandom: Horatio Hornblower
Wordcount: 200
Rating: G
Characters: Horatio Hornblower
Pairing(s): Horatio Hornblower/a specific situation
Genre: Character Study, Challenge
Warning(s): Unbetaed
Beta(s): None. (Sorry)
Prompt(s): "Gaming/Watching a movie" (Prompt #3 from the 30 Day OTP Challenge)
Notes, pt. 1: From the "30 Day OTP Challenge": #3, "Gaming/watching a movie", as decided by the Roll Dice Online random number generator
Notes, pt. 2: For ioanite, who asked for Hornblower fic. Apparently, I meant it when I said I didn't have an OTP for Hornblower fandom, since this fic is basically about a Hornblower non-pairing.
Feedback: Always welcome, either on LJ (at the post or by PM) or at
Disclaimer: If they ever might've had a prayer of being mine, they certainly don't after this fic!
Summary: Hornblower isn't much of a social person...except when conditions are right.


Social is not a word that one generally associates with Horatio Hornblower. It isn't that he's antisocial, per se; rather, it's that he's simply closed off in a way that no man or thing seems quite able to get to. Of course, there are activities he enjoys--sailing, for one, and action, and playing whist--and he has, over the years, managed to make friends rather than acquaintences out of a few of his shipmates (though he would certainly deny it as improper if asked). But, overall, Horatio Hornblower is a man much happier to be left alone than included.

There is, however, one exception, and it is--possibly unsurprisingly--a mixture of things mentioned above. A good game of whist with friends and compatriots aboard ship, in the hours before an action...that is something that never fails to put him in a mood unlike any other, one where conviviality and geniality are words of the day, and satisfaction is taken not only from winning, but from games played and well-played. Which is why it's not so much orders as this transformation of their captain that leads the sailors to come and play, not knowing what might be just over the horizon.

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30 Days OTP Challenge

30 Day OTP Challenge: Day 1

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Title: Day 1: Shopping (#8)
Author: mashfanficchick
Fandom: Sherlock (BBC)
Wordcount: 221
Rating: PG (for one word)
Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson
Pairing(s): Sherlock Holmes & John Watson
Genre: Character Study, Humor
Warning(s): Neither betaed nor Britpicked.
Beta(s): None (sorry)
Prompt(s): "Shopping" (Prompt #8 from the 30 Day OTP Challenge)
Notes: From the "30 Day OTP Challenge": #8, "Shopping", as decided by the Roll Dice Online random number generator.
Feedback: Always welcome, either on LJ (at the post or by PM) or at
Disclaimer: Seriously? Hell, this time, I doubt I even own the idea!
Summary: Sherlock. John. Food shopping. Oh, dear.


Contrary to popular belief, Sherlock does, in fact, know how to go grocery theory. That is to say, he’s done it in the past, while living alone, and somehow managed not to starve to death, but his abilities in that arena are severely limited. Left alone in Tesco, he’s more likely to bring back the items needed for a new experiment he’s thought up while there than return bearing milk, eggs, tea, or any of the myriad other day-to-day necessities he planned to buy when he left the flat.

John, on the other hand, is very proficient at grocery shopping: he always returns with all of the items on his meticulously written-out list, and--those rare occasions when he and Sherlock go shopping together excluded--only the items on said list. He neither gives into impulse purchases, nor ever skips over things he means to buy.

Unsurprisingly, in the grand and often complicated scheme of how household duties are apportioned at 221B, John is generally responsible for the grocery shopping…as well as the cooking, the dishwashing, and pretty much everything else having to do with food, at least since the incident with the pigeon feet.

Which is why it confuses everyone who doesn’t know about Sherlock’s very secret sweet tooth just how often John feels required to yell “Sherlock! Where the hell are the biscuits?”

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Plot Bunny (letters)

30in30 (hah!) OTP challenge

As I'm sure some of you have seen, if not participated in, there's a "30 prompts in 30 days" fic/art challenge running around the web. Since obviously I'm not going to be able to manage that right now, I decided to do the best I could. So, from July 15th (yeah, I know) to August 15th, I'm just going to write whenever I have a chance, and see how many prompts I can get through in that time.

Of course, because I'm me, I am changing a few things:

  • Because I'm not expecting to be able to do all 30 prompts, I decided to use this Dungeon Dice random number generator to decide which prompt I write to every day that I write. In the event that it comes up with a previously-used number, I'll just re-roll.

  • The challenge is supposed to be an OTP challenge, and I plan to stick to that. However, since I tend to see "pairings" as not necessarily requiring either romance or sex, it's entirely possible, if not likely, that most of my stories will really be gen, just focusing on some aspect of the relationship--whatever my headcanon of it may be--between my OTP.

  • Since I'm already changing so many things to make the challenge easier on myself, I figured "Why not add one to make it a little trickier?" So, any stories I write for this challenge will be in some type of drabble format (standard, double, or triple), except for any Sherlock fics, which will be in the "221B" format (221 words, with the last word starting with "b").

Once I see how many fics I actually manage to complete, I'll decide whether or not to archive them anywhere; for now, they'll be posted here, and possibly to various LJ comms if relevant.

As always, all comments/compliments/criticisms/critiques/questions/pretty much everything else are always welcome, either here on my LJ (including by PM) or at


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All of the things!

Gah, life has been so ridiculously crazy lately! To start with, since February, Mom and I have been taking care of Grandma 16 hours a day. Yes, that's right: sixteen hours a day. So hopefully you'll understand why I really haven't been around.

I want to say upfront, before some of you (who know who you are) jump down my throat, that I can now, for the first time, say with certainty that we are in the process of getting Grandma into a home. It actually wasn't the 16-hours-a-day thing that made the decision, but the fact that her latest cognitive slide seems to have tipped the balance between "worth it" and "not worth it" to keep her home. So that's now in the works, though I have no idea how long it may take.

Among the other things going on are:

  • I (mostly) finished my Spring semester, finishing with one B, one C+ (but in was in Bio, so that's okay), and one Incomplete (I still need to finish the final paper). I'm hoping for a final semester GPA somewhere in the B range.

  • We* have done a TON of work in the house, even though doing so while Grandma is still here brings to mind the Phyllis Diller quote about cleaning house while your children are still growing (it's "like shoveling the walk before it stops snowing").

  • I have been working on using available tools--psychological, physical, and technological--to try to compensate for some of my special needs. For example, I've been working on using iPhone apps to stay organized, and am looking into seeing whether or not I might be able to get the OT (occupational therapy; physical therapy that increases your ability to do day-to-day tasks) I should have gotten as a child.

  • And, related to the above...I LEARNED HOW TO RIDE A BIKE!!!

Riding my bike!
Me riding my brand-new bike, while my
team-member Frankie keeps watch

For both mental and physical reasons, I never learned to ride a bike as a kid, or a teen, or...well, ever. However, this spring, I read on Ellen Seidman's special-needs blog "Love That Max" about the iCan Bike program, which teaches kids and adults with special needs how to ride bikes by using individualized instruction (seriously, my team was a 4:1...and I was the one!) and customized bikes. The specific program I went to was a "camp" held at C.W.Post for an hour and a quarter five days in a row. When I got there on Monday, I was riding at training-wheels level; I rode on my own for the first time ever on Wednesday, and successfully completed multiple cycles of start-->ride-->turn-->ride-->brake on Friday. I CAN RIDE A BIKE!

(I also won a bike, which was insanely cool, really boosted my self-esteem, and comes in a far, far second to the awesomeness of finally knowing how to ride it.)

And...that's about it. Next up on the agenda: finishing my paper, gearing up for fall semester (taking three classes: Intro to Ethics, Health Services and Policy, and Intro to Skin and SCUBA diving), working on getting back into writing (stay tuned for that one), watching as several of my friends take major (good!) life-steps, and--of course!--riding my new bike!

How about you guys?


*When I say "we", I really do mean "we": along with the usual gang of misfits (RK, silver_chipmunk, wafflesmcduff), I'd like to send a special shout-out to silver_chipmunk's almost-son-in-law, who barely knows us and yet has been working like a dog, AND helping me with my paper. Thank you, C!
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If I'm happy, you're...yeah

Not that anything happened now--reading ace!Sherlock fic made me think of it--but isn't it nice to know that my mother thinks my sexuality is "even creepier" and less understandable than "normal" asexuality? Ok, the less understandable, I sort of...well, understand. Sort of. But the "creepier"? That's so totally offensive on two completely separate levels. Not to mention that it kind of hurts that she now, at least in her own mind, accepts all known sexualities except mine...though that doesn't stop her from insisting that it's "sad" that asexuals--and I--will never have what she considers a "normal" relationship.

Yeah. Sorry. I just needed to get that out there. Because it somehow hurts more to know that she is trying...and yet, what she's coming up with is that I'm weird and she pities me.


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