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Ok, y'all can blame this one on the folks over at sgcascadeicons (where, by the way, I won third place in this week's contest for my first-ever entry! *geeks out*). Or more specifically, y'all can blame mirnell, if for no other reason than the more I hang out with her, the more I say "Y'all"! *g*

In any case, this post is the result of me being a technological moron, and thus not understanding until it was too late the difference between an animated icon (like...well, check my flist; I'm sure you'll find a few amusing ones!) and a slideshow. However, by that point I was almost done with a slideshow (my first, like everything else I've done lately), and since I liked the way it came out, I decided to put it up for y'all.

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P.S. The song I used is "The Highwayman", based on the Alfred Noyes poem and sung by the amazing (but dead) Phil Ochs. To quote the ever-wonderful Scribe (in the ever-wonderful The Opening of Jim and Blair's Secret Toy Chest), it's a "nicely creepy song."
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