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My Sociology Paper (on the topic of fanfiction)

Ok, here's the deal: my Sociology paper--on the topic of fanfic, and specifically on the topic of the deviance of slash fiction--was supposed to be due last Tuesday. However, due to illness (mine, not the prof's), the deadline was extended indefinitely. Now, since I can only work under deadline, I'm totally procrastinating and not getting anything done. So, I need all of you, my fanfic-crazy friends (and other fic-reading-type people) to help me: call me, IM me, post a reply here, e-mail me, whatever. Just get me involved in a conversation that could theoretically have something vaguely to do with my paper. PLEASE. I beg you guys. Just...make me talk about fanfiction. Please?

Note: Real prizes, not virtual ones, will go to all people who help me. However, a) they will be cheap (i.e., cookies, not caddys), and b) they will be prizes of my choice (i.e., cookies, not sex; I know how some of my friends think!). Thanks in advance.

Tags: fandom, interesting comments, school

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