MASHFanficChick (mashfanficchick) wrote,

Fuck (not serious)

I just realized--in relation to my previous post, about removing the drinking references in my "Ringer" fic--that it doesn't really matter: I have the feeling the fic itself won't work unless the reader has reason to believe that there's an excuse (namely, being half in the bag) for the character's thoughts to be as disorganized as they are.

Crap. I actually kind of liked the way that story (or what I had of it so far) had turned out.

EDITED TO ADD that the entire thing may be irrelevant: I have to ask my dad (the NYS traffic lawyer), but I think I broke Open Container laws with the first draft of the fic. This may be a sign that I should just abandon the damn thing. :-/

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