MASHFanficChick (mashfanficchick) wrote,

If I'm happy, you're...yeah

Not that anything happened now--reading ace!Sherlock fic made me think of it--but isn't it nice to know that my mother thinks my sexuality is "even creepier" and less understandable than "normal" asexuality? Ok, the less understandable, I sort of...well, understand. Sort of. But the "creepier"? That's so totally offensive on two completely separate levels. Not to mention that it kind of hurts that she now, at least in her own mind, accepts all known sexualities except mine...though that doesn't stop her from insisting that it's "sad" that asexuals--and I--will never have what she considers a "normal" relationship.

Yeah. Sorry. I just needed to get that out there. Because it somehow hurts more to know that she is trying...and yet, what she's coming up with is that I'm weird and she pities me.


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