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30in30 (hah!) OTP challenge

As I'm sure some of you have seen, if not participated in, there's a "30 prompts in 30 days" fic/art challenge running around the web. Since obviously I'm not going to be able to manage that right now, I decided to do the best I could. So, from July 15th (yeah, I know) to August 15th, I'm just going to write whenever I have a chance, and see how many prompts I can get through in that time.

Of course, because I'm me, I am changing a few things:

  • Because I'm not expecting to be able to do all 30 prompts, I decided to use this Dungeon Dice random number generator to decide which prompt I write to every day that I write. In the event that it comes up with a previously-used number, I'll just re-roll.

  • The challenge is supposed to be an OTP challenge, and I plan to stick to that. However, since I tend to see "pairings" as not necessarily requiring either romance or sex, it's entirely possible, if not likely, that most of my stories will really be gen, just focusing on some aspect of the relationship--whatever my headcanon of it may be--between my OTP.

  • Since I'm already changing so many things to make the challenge easier on myself, I figured "Why not add one to make it a little trickier?" So, any stories I write for this challenge will be in some type of drabble format (standard, double, or triple), except for any Sherlock fics, which will be in the "221B" format (221 words, with the last word starting with "b").

Once I see how many fics I actually manage to complete, I'll decide whether or not to archive them anywhere; for now, they'll be posted here, and possibly to various LJ comms if relevant.

As always, all comments/compliments/criticisms/critiques/questions/pretty much everything else are always welcome, either here on my LJ (including by PM) or at



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