July 28th, 2005

I aim to Misbehave

Cool stuff (warning to hemaphobes and emetophobes) :-)

Ok, so, I've been busy fucking around, so I didn't post this when it first happened, which was last Friday, but oh well, whatever. :-)

Anyway, the Mets had been advertising at their games that if you went and gave blood at the New York Hall of Science on a certain day, you'd get free Mets tickets for that night's game. Ok. I'd been meaning to donate for awhile, and this seemed like a good incentive. So on Friday (the 22nd), my mom drove me to the Hall of Science, I filled out the paperwork, and I got on line. First they did a quick finger-prick to test for anemia (which HURT!), and then they did the actual stuff.

Really, it wasn't bad at all, for the most part. The needle didn't hurt going in (though it's fucking huge, so I still have a slightly tender bruise), and I felt fine while they were doing it. I got sick to my stomach afterwards, but that was only because nobody told me to eat before I gave blood; apparently, if you eat something before hand, you won't get sick, but if you don't, you will. Seems backwards to me, but whatever. And I felt fine in like five minutes, so it didn't matter that much. A small price to pay for saving lives.

So, I left the back room, where they're doing the stuff, and went out into the main area to get some juice and crackers and collect my tickets. I was kind of in a rush, because I had an appointment with the detective "between 2:30 and 3" and it was already three. So, I just grabbed a box of juice, a pack of Oreos, and a bag of Cheeze-Its (hey, any food you eat in the context of doing a good deed has no points!), absentmindedly said "hi" to the man sitting at the table there who said "hi" to me, and turned to go. As I got to the woman giving out the tickets, she gestured to the man who'd been sitting at the food table, and asked me very nicely if I had met Rusty. Eep! I turned around, and sure enough, the man at the table was...Rusty Staub!

Ok, I know some of you probably have no idea who Rusty Staub is, so: http://www.baseballlibrary.com/baseballlibrary/ballplayers/S/Staub_Rusty.stm

Getting back to the story, so, I went back to the table and sort of stammered something out about still being light-headed, and about how I was a huge Mets fan. (I wasn't wearing a Mets shirt, because I was going to go home and change before the game.) Then I kind of hit my stride, telling him how great I thought it was that the Mets supported this the way they did, because I thought there were probably a lot of people like me, who needed that incentive to do it once, but once they did it, would definitely do it again. I thanked him for coming to support everyone who gave blood, and stammered out my name as he signed an autograph for me (squee!), which I immediately had laminated. (My mom asked me why I was so much more excited by my Rusty Staub autograph than all my others. I think it's because I feel like I did something to deserve it, because I gave blood without knowing he'd be there, so it was like a nice perk for doing a good deed.)

After thanking Rusty for maybe the twentieth time, my mom and I finally left. As we did, I noticed in the back of my mind that there had been a TV camera there, but I didn't give it much thought. Once we got in the car though, I realized that my mom had apparently noticed the camera far more than I had: she'd not only seen it, but knew that it must belong to the Mets, since it didn't have a network logo splashed on it. I agreed that that was cool, but still didn't pay much attention.

Fast forward to that night. We (my mom and I) were at the ballgame. It was the middle of the ballgame, maybe the sixth inning, and they still hadn't said anything about people donating blood. I was a little disappointed; I'd kind of hoped they'd at least put a "Thank you to everyone who donated blood" message on the electronic board, when they put up all the other (paid) "thank you" messages. All of a sudden, I realized that I recognized the scene they're showing on DiamondVision (the giant TV screen at Shea): it was me talking to Rusty Staub! SQUEEEEE! My mom and I started screaming and hugging each other, and I kept saying "I wish Dad was here!" (fortunately, my mom didn't take that the wrong way!). The two women in front of us--one of whom I recognized as a blood donor by the pressure bandage on her elbow (it matched mine)--turned around, looking at us like we were nuts, but it only took me squeaking "That's me!" for them to laugh and congratulate me. It was definitely one of the highlights of my life. It almost didn't matter that they didn't win. (Almost.)

So, anyway, that's the big news. It's not exactly new news, but better late than never, right? (Say "right"....) Not much else is going on around here, but I'll try to post if anything does happen. Y'know, just in case anyone's still reading this. ;-)