August 5th, 2005


I got something cool, but you can't see it...

Ok, for everyone who doesn't know (assuming anyone is still reading this, which I kind of doubt...), I'm going with Elissa to the CreationCon SG-1 convention tomorrow (well, Friday...), so when I went to the mall today to get presents for Chris and Michael (Chris Judge aka Teal'c and Michael Shanks aka Daniel), I got myself something for the con: a temporary tattoo of the Stargate symbol for Earth (the Lambda--aka the upside-down "v"--with the circle above it). Elissa took a picture of it for me, but you can't put pictures on Live Journal unless they're on the Web (as opposed to a computer), so anyone who wants to see it should e-mail me at It's actually pissing me off a little, because it's already starting to fade, but it has a five-day guarantee, so if I get up early enough, I can get it fixed tomorrow (Friday) before we leave for the con. :-)

Just thought I'd tell everyone that. :-)


P.S. Live Journal needs to make the number of characters you can put in the "Music" thing higher. I wanted to make a snarky remark about the Weather Channel (not that this is what I was going to say, but as long as I'm on the topic..."When I was your age, we had the precursor to the Weather Channel. It was called a window. 24 hours a day, you could open it and stick your arm out, and you'd know what the weather was." -- Anonymous), but I didn't have enough space. Meh. *pouts*
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