November 1st, 2006

I aim to Misbehave

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Taking a cue from mirnell (again), I've decided to start posting my icons on my livejournal, so that all my icon-making friends can tell me how much they suck (and hopefully, how to improve them). In that vein, I shall begin by posting the icons I made for last week's sgcascadeicons challenge, followed by the ones for this week's challenge, followed by the few I've made not for any contents. (Um, except for the explicit ones. Can someone tell me if you're allowed to have explicit material on LJ? linnyb, I'm referring to the icon I made for you a few hours ago....) Oh yeah, and--also taking my cue from mirnell--I'll also be posting the happy banners I get when I win things in the sgcascadeicons challenges (though this week's rightly knocked me down a peg). In any case, here they are!

Collapse )

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Now, onto this week...Collapse )

Now since, like I said, I thought all of them sucked, I was surprised--and mostly pleased, when I received the Collapse ) for this week, with this caption: "Okay, the idea of Sha're beckoning Daniel from his death bed was truly spooky to me, a slasher! LOL!" Gee, thanks, Aly! *g*

And finally, the single non-LJ-avatar (because I'm too tired to find all of those and post them now) icon I've made not for any challenge, but just because I felt like it. (Note: this post will be edited to add the NC-17 ones if people tell me it's ok.)

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Ok, that's it. Hope you liked these,or at the very least, didn't hate them. At the very best, hope you can give me some ideas for how to make them better.


P.S. Yes, I will be posting my sgcascadeicons icons every week, but no, I won't be pontificating this way. Don't worry. :-)