November 9th, 2006

I aim to Misbehave

This is interesting...

Ok, so I was just watching Dustin Hoffman on David Letterman, and he was talking (very briefly) about his new movie, in which Will Farrell discovers that there's a writer in his head...a writer who is known for killing off all her characters. And I got to this what our characters feel like? What if there really is a "Jim Ellison" or there, or a "Jack O'Neill" (two "l"s), or even a "Hawkeye Pierce"?

*has a flashback from Grease: "Who knows? Among you, there may be a future Eleanor Roosevelt, or a Rosemary Clooney. And among you young men, there may be a Joe DiMaggio, a President Eisenhower, or even a Vice-President Nixon."*

*snorts* Ok, back on topic: I started thinking, what if this new Will Ferrell movie was, well, real? Granted, that would imply that Will Ferrell didn't suck, but what if? How would/do our characters feel? What would/do they think? We've all seen versions of this idea, but most of them (Scribe's being the main exception that comes to mind here) are either not written seriously (some of Colleen's B/K stuff comes to mind here), or are--to be honest--written very badly.

So, here's a challenge: I want to see a "realistic" look at a what-if situation: what if one of your characters (pick any one, but bonus points for it being a character in one of my fandoms) woke up one day and had a voice narrating his (or her) his movements, thoughts, everything? And what if this character somehow figured out (I don't care how; I haven't seen the movie yet) that this voice was a) a writer, and b) going to kill him?

Don't worry, I won't be surprised if no one takes up this challenge, but in case anyone does...have fun! And let me know where it finally ends up! :-)

Barrie, who knows she was going to say something else, but doesn't remember what, having gotten off-track when she had the Grease flashback....

Edited (at 12:57am) to add that I am a damned stubborn bitch: I couldn't remember the name of the music I was playing (I have it listed as "Instrumental surf"), so I just spent the last three-quarters of an hour randomly searching Amazon until I found a recording of it, so I'd know what it was actually called!
I aim to Misbehave

A disturbing trend.

Ok, so perhaps this is just a sign that I really shouldn't still be watching all the Noggin shows I loved when I was a teenager ("Clueless," "Sabrina,", and--even though I missed it the first time 'round--"My So-Called Life"), but I've begun to notice something when I put these shows on at 3, 4, 5 o'clock in the morning: I wanna fuck the fathers. Or, well, Sabrina doesn't have a father (except in a couple of episodes, and I haven't seen them), and the guy I wanna fuck in that is David Lascher, who was at least SUPPOSED to be a love interest (if the "older" love interest, and he's still 12 years older than me), but the other shows. Granted, Jared Leto was a hunk in "My So-Called Life," the 90s' answer to James Dean or Brando *she says with a shudder* but I'd do the father first, in a heartbeat. Hell, I'd even do the father from "Clueless" (and before anyone gets really scared, may I point out that it is NOT the old dude from the movie, but a hot, hippy-ish, mischievous-looking guy instead) before anyone else, and I'm INCLUDING David Lascher this time. (Speaking of which, does anyone remember the old Nickelodeon show "Hey Dude"? Someone--maybe Rhyme--put up a link to a site that has old theme songs lately, and now I remember how much I miss that show!)

*runs out of steam*

So anyway, the point was that I wanna screw all the fathers on all these TV shows, who are supposed to have children about seven years younger than myself. Discuss. Or don't. I'm going to bed, to dream of all the hot guys of innappropriate age who I wanna screw.

*closes out post before she starts listing the candidates and their birthdates*