December 2nd, 2006

I aim to Misbehave

World AIDS Day

So, World AIDS Day is over once again. I feel weird: this was the first year since I got into Sen fandom that I didn't read April Valentine's "World AIDS Day" (the first year, someone recced it; the second, I read it not realizing what the date was; by the third year, it had become tradition). I also didn't really do much about it, other than reminding linnyb to put up the World AIDS Day banner at the Forum (That's The Unofficial Christopher Meloni Forum, for those of you who have somehow managed to escape my Christopher Meloni fixation), and thinking of HIV/AIDS patients when I said the Misheberach and Kaddish in synagogue tonight.* So now I feel weird, like I said, because I didn't do anything to help, when AIDS is still such a huge, huge problem that in some ways is only getting bigger. *cries*

*bucks up* So, since I don't have any money to give to any AIDS charities (or to any charities at all)...who's doing the AIDS Walk next year? Less than six months to make the decision, folks. *is planning on being there with bells on...but wearing better shoes this year!*

Oh, and for anyone who wants to read the amazing "World AIDS Day", you can find it here. I highly recommend it.


*For those of you who don't go to synagogue--which I'm thinking, fewer people on my flist than I thought!--the Misheberach is the prayer for healing that many (or maybe all) congregations say on Shabbat and the Kaddish (specifically the Mourner's Kaddish, in this case) is the prayer for the dead that all congregations say on Shabbat, though in some congregations, only those in mourning say the prayer. (If anyone on my flist--or even not on my flist--who knows more about this than I do wants to correct this in any way, please feel free.) And out of curiosity, why does LJ know the word "Kaddish" but not the word "Shabbat"?