December 11th, 2006

I aim to Misbehave

RL-relevant SVU question

Does anyone either know the exact wording or have the DVD so they can get me the exact wording of Elliot's whole speech about going to college, from "Sophomore Jinx"? As stupid as it sounds, and as much as it just confirms my parents' (not-incorrect) belief that I'm obsessed with SVU, I've found that his whole thought process and argument in that scene really perfectly mimics how I feel. And it's even weirdly more awesome, because I could spit out what he says and it would make perfect sense (well, except for the wife and baby part): I really do go to Queens College. At night. And don't feel at all like it's the same as going to "real" college.

On a somewhat-related note, does anyone know of any nontraditional (in any sense) colleges anywhere on the East Coast? I keep reading and hearing about Evergreen State College, and it looks super-awesome (and in fact my friend Sam is going there next year), but I don't really know that I want to go all the way across the country; I feel as though I'd be more comfortable staying East. I may change my mind on that though, if I fall more in love with Evergreen than with anywhere else.

*runs out of things to say*

Ok, that's it. You can all go back to your regularly-scheduled activities.

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