January 28th, 2007

I aim to Misbehave


Well, this is new. My dad is setting me up. with a guy. For a date.

*backs up*

My dad and stepmom had dinner with their friends David and Sophia (who I know and I like a lot) tonight (without me). Over the course of dinner, my stepmom apparently lamented that she wished my stepsister would find a guy, since she broke up with the guy she'd been seeing for a few years a few months ago. David apparently said that he knew a nice guy, who liked movies, and--as my father said--the minutiae of movies. My dad somewhat jokingly said he should go out with me. David thought this was a good idea, and when my dad told me about it, I said "What the hell, why not?" So now my dad's going to have David give this guy my number, and we'll see what happens.

Pluses: His name is Danny. I've always liked that name.

Minuses: He's 24. I usually like 'em at least ten years older than that.

*wonders where life's going next*

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