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Wow. I finally figured out how to work this after God-knows-how-many years!

Well, that topic was pretty self-explanatory. Honestly, I have no idea whether I'm going to keep this going, or how often I'm going to update it, it is. My little corner of sanity in an otherwise insane world...or should that be the other way around? :-)

Ok, if you're here, you probably know me at least online, but in case you don't...oh, hell. If anyone actually shows up here who I *don't* know, let me know, and I'll decide what to do. Ok? Cool. For now,


P.S. Oh yeah, I have no idea if you can censor comments or anything like that, or how, if you even can, so for now...if you think it might disturb my mother, don't say it, ok? She's liberal, but she's not THAT liberal! :-)
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