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Once again, y'all can blame JB for this one...

Somehow, most of my LJ posts are JB's fault. Therefore, all positive comments can be sent to me, and all negative ones can be sent to him. (Sorry, Beej!) Complete the following, and post it as a comment:

1. Name:
2. Birthday:
3. Place of Residence:
4. What makes you happy?:
5. What are you listening to now/have listened to last?:
6. Do you read my LJ?:
7. If you do, what is particularly good/bad about it?:
8. An interesting fact about you:
9. Are you in love/have a crush at the moment?:
10. Favourite place to be:
11. Favourite lyric:
12. Best time of the year:
13. Weirdest food you like:
14. Do farts make you laugh?:

1. A film:
2. A book:
3. A band, a song and an album:

1. One thing you like about me:
2. Two things you like about yourself:
3. Put this in your LJ so I can tell you what I think of you.
4. Post a picture of you (if possible).

Just a note: I've been offline for a few days, and will probably be online very sporadically for the next few, so if I don't respond to your comment, don't be offended; I'll respond as soon as I get back.

And to all you wise-asses I know read my LJ: No, do not go hassling Beej; it's not his fault I believe everything he says! :-)


ETA: Yay, I learned how to do bolds and italics and stuff! Go me!
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