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Wow, two days in a row!

Ok, this one isn't Beej's fault, even though he bitched about me updating more. This one is Ewin's; she hooked me on it.

The topic of today's LJ post is...webcomics. Well, okay, one webcomic in particular (yeah, yeah, I know, I'm failing in my duty as an Underground chick, a label I haven't really been able to legitimately apply to myself for about ten years!): Count Your Sheep.

Count Your Sheep ( is the sweet, funny, psycho story of cute little Katie, her cool mother Laurie...and their mutual imaginary best friend, a sheep named Ship. A counting sheep. Like, baaaa. Yeah. Man, I SO wanna be Ship! (Not enough, however, to make me change my current slogan, which is "Dude, I wanna be Figaro!" Perhaps I shouldn't have seen The Barber of Seville?)

I love this comic. It's sweet sometimes, occasionally (VERY occasionally, or I wouldn't read it!) sappy, but almost always pointed or snarky enough that I love it. (The fact that the little kid relates to the Beatles the way she does doesn't hurt.)...Okay, I'll be honest: It also doesn't hurt that I see many parallels between my own mother and Laurie, except that my mother will never be that thin, even if she gets run over by a truck, Loony Tunes-style.

Anyway, I highly recommend this comic. You can start reading it from it's current strip (the main address takes you to the current strip), but I liked the way I did it: because you miss the backstory if you do it that way, I started at the beginning (VERY different artwork back then) and read a bunch (often weeks or months' worth) at a time until I caught up.

If anyone wants to start at the beginning, this is the address:

Anyway, that's it. Still not online very often, and not really in cell range, either, but that's a story for another post. If you wanna reach me, just do whatever you normally do to reach me, just keep in mind that it might take me a while to get back to you.

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