MASHFanficChick (mashfanficchick) wrote,

Two posts in a day, yes, but not for a good reason...

For those of you who know what's going on, or know some of it, or aren't worried by the prospect of getting bad news quickly, look behind

My grandfather passed away this morning. It was sort of expected, but sort of not. He'd been in the hospital since Sunday morning, when he went to the ER--though not as an emergency--for stomach pain. He was fine most of Sunday, but he started having trouble breathing on Sunday night. Late sunday night, he vomited icky stuff (you don't wanna know), and inhaled some of it, and that was basically the beginning of the end. Pneumonia set in, and while he did go up and down, raising hope in us (especially in me), it was not unexpected when he died. He was unconcious the whole time, having been sedated after vomiting, and never awaking even once they turned the sedative off. (That was the short version.) I'm sad, of course, and I'm sure it'll hit me much more later, but he was 88 years old, had had a good life, and went peacefully. Is there very much more you can ask?

In any case, I'm at my grandmother's now, but I have internet (obviously), albeit dial-up, and my cell is on and with me. So if you want to reach me, you can do so by calling, e-mailing, commenting here, and--if I'm on AIM or YIM--IMing.

Also, I want to take this space to thank my friends who have been so supportive: thank you all, from the bottom of my heart, and if I haven't been attentive in telling you that specifically, I'm sorry. I love you guys.

*flips switch from maudlin to irreverent, and offers a virtual cookie to anyone who can name the reference (two to anyone who can tell me why I might appreiciate it more than the average person)*

For the rest of you, if you want the news gently, you can call me (I'm back in cell range); if you don't care, you, too, can click on the link.

Tags: death, grandpa

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