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Hi. Yes, this will be a very boring post. I'm tired. If you are bored, blame Beej; it's his fault for asking for semi-regular updates. So there. :-P

Can someone post a comment they don't care if I delete? I wanna see if I can delete other people's stuff, not that I'd abuse it, but then I can take off the "don't post stuff my mom would freak out over" thing. Though she already freaked out tonight, in a funny way. She's upset that I spent a half hour helping a friend decide where Elliot and Olivia should get married. If you don't understand why that annoyed her, either you don't watch SVU, or you don't know that my mom's a fucking mundane. Yes, I do curse when I'm tired. I'm going to shut up now, and probably delete this post tomorrow if I have any brains at all, which is seriously debatable. Night-night all. :-)


P.S. I'm assuming I can delete my own posts. Otherwise I'm going to feel very stupid in the morning. :-)
Tags: fandom, lj, svu

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