MASHFanficChick (mashfanficchick) wrote,

Chris pictures, a year late

Ok, so I realize that Stockings With Care was almost a year ago (November 19th, I believe, to be exact), but--thanks to me trading cameras with Elissa before getting all my stuff off the card--it's only today that I finally got a disk full of pictures, including the (mostly REALLY horrible ones) of me and Chris at SWC. There's also a picture of Chris's ass on the disk, only because someone at SWC (98K, maybe? I forget) asked me nicely to take a picture oF it. So, now you may be asking, where are these pictures? They're on my other computer, of course. *smacks head* Anyway, they'll be up soon, and I just felt like posting, so I decided to tell y'all this. :-)


P.S. Last chance, folks: Making Strides (to benefit The American Cancer Society) is tomorrow, so if you wanna donate, here's the place: Or, you can call me, and I'll just write your pledge on my pledge sheet and collect later.

P.P.S. Ellen, if by some chance you're reading this...I'l see you tomorrow! Call me if you get the chance. :-)
Tags: charity, christopher meloni

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