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19 October 2006 @ 05:55 am
Do any of my Mark Harmon-loving friends (or any of my other friends, for that matter!) have "Chicago Hope" on tape or DVD? I'm looking for it in general (Damn you, mirnell!), but specifically, I'm looking for the episodes "Absent Without Leave" and "Tantric Turkey" because not only do they both have Mark Harmon (ooh, and in that outfit in "AWOL"? Yum!), but they both feature Billy Kronk's red-headed, peripatetic, self-absorbed, always-off-to-the-latest-guru mother. Yeah, you all know where I'm going with this one. Does anyone think perhaps Blair might have an Aunt Bev? Anyone? Bueller? Yeah. :-)

Barrie, off to check Netflix
Current Mood: excitedExcited. I love crossovers!
Current Music: "Chicago Hope" (ep. "Absent Without Leave"), duh :-)