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Boo! *cries*

Well, the Mets are out of it. Again. But I really do believe that it was a great season. It was fun, and exciting, and we went nearly all the way. And Reyes is such a puppy dog, and Wright is adorable. But still, I am sad that we lost, though not as sad as I would have been if we'd just laid down and died during the ninth. And at least I'm less pathetic than all the women they showed at the game, who kept praying during the game, and then were crying hysterically after it. *rolls eyes*

No, I'll be fair: I really was upset. But then I found that Queer as Folk was on, and that the SVU ep "Wrong Is Right" would be on right after it. So between getting my quick Gale Harold fix (the man makes me want to kill a kitten) and getting my yummy "Stabler in barely any clothes and being all comforting and shaving (hey, a guy shaving is a kink of mine, deal with it) and drinking Pepto right out of the bottle" fix, I'm a lot better now. Enough at least that I decided to use my Mets icon instead of my "Nooo!" one. :-)

So, what to do now? Well, hit the sack, since my weird-ass father is driving me home at 7:30 tomorrow morning ("Midnight is too late to drive you home. We'll just get up early tomorrow, but it'll have to be very early, because I have to be in Manhattan before 9."), and then get myself together to root for the Tigers in the Series. *chants* LET'S go TIgers!


P.S. Ok, I lied, I'm still a little depressed...linnyb, where the hell is my p0rn?!
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