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I Aim To Misbehave

A little bit of sanity in an insane world...or is that the other way around?

23 May 1984
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Ok, so, I seem to have entered icon-making land, albeit mostly by accident, and since I've been informed that my LJ is where I should be crediting the people whose tools I use, uh...ok, here they are.


"The Sentinel": Starfox's Mansion
"Stargate SG-1": Stargate Caps; Stargate SG-1 Solutions; Stargate Information Archive; and Dedicated to Stargate SG1
"Starsky & Hutch": Enednoviel's Starsky & Hutch Gallery; kimberlyFDR's Photobucket; Paul & David Forever and Cindy's Starsky and Hutch Screen Captures
"QAF": QAFScans dot com and www.queer eyes.net
"M*A*S*H": mashscreencaps@photobucket.com
"House, M.D.": House M.D. HD Screencap Gallery

Other Images

wikipedia.org's Creative Commons images


Ok, I'm really ashamed to admit it, but I used other people's brushes for a while before I knew a) that I was supposed to credit them, and b) HOW to credit them. So, if you see one of your brushes on anything of mine, please let me know and I'll add you to the list. I'll also add people whose brushes I have and use if I see their brushes elsewhere (so that I can, y'know, identify them). At the moment, these are the brushes I can identify:

Thalassa's Brushes
filmowe (filmowe, if you see this and want me to credit you some other way, please let me know!)
100x100brushes (A great resource!)
aleksandra's Brushes
Obsidian Dawn's Photoshop Brushes
In Obscuro


Again, I used textures for quite awhile before I discovered that I was supposed to be crediting people, so, right now, I don't really have many texture credits/resources. I'm sorry. And again, if you see a texture of yours on anything of mine, please let me know and I'll add you posthaste. At the moment, these are the sites I know I've used for textures:

FG Forrest Creative Technologies' Free Textures page (Now replaced by CG Textures)

Awesome HTML-free Icon Table Generator by ZE ICON TABLE GENERATOR
Facial morphing software by The Perception Laboratory's Face Transformer
Some Fic Headers by The Fanfiction Header Builder

My Causes:

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